Official Biography

Official Biography

Kelly Erez is an R&B/Soul artist who lives for her music. Her performances and creative output encapsulate her passion for her art, something that is clear to all that meet her and know her music.

It’s no accident that Kelly Erez has been in the Top 3 of the Reverbnation UK R&B/Soul Chart for much if 2011; a chart position that is driven by her popularity with music fans and her growing fanbase online.

Although unsigned, writing with established artists and writers comes easily to Kelly and these relationships are a positive-marker for the kind of reaction to her music for the future.

In fact, you do not have to look far online to see the reaction to Kelly’s trademark voice and standout songs. Just ‘Googling’ Kelly’s name, looking at the hundreds of comments on her You Tube Channel or the thousands of fans on her Twitter, Facebook and My Space sites will leave you in no doubt that Kelly Erez is one of the most talked about and highly thought of unsigned artists in the UK.

One of the most frequently asked questions fans ask is “where can I buy your music?” and given Kelly is unsigned, ever resourceful, she asked her fans to fund her first release via a fan-funded model on

On 14th February 2011, Kelly’s debut release, an EP called ‘This Is Me’ launched Worldwide via all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Zune, etc.). It’s true to say that ‘This Is Me’ is a record ‘for the people, by the people’.

The reaction to Kelly and her debut EP has been fantastic! With regular ‘Track Of The Week’ features on BBC Radio stations (incl. BBC Radio 1Xtra & BBC Radio 6), Zune Marketplace ‘Track Of Week’ at launch and growing critical acclaim online is adding the groundswell of support. Kelly is being hailed by the online R&B press as ‘putting the soul back into R&B‘ and championed for her debut EP, out next week. Click the links to read more and you will get a rounded view of what Kelly is about and what others say about her.

On the back of the critical acclaim of the ‘This Is Me’ EP, Kelly played 2 SOLD OUT headline shows in London, most recently at the Hoxton Hall Theatre where she aired some of the unreleased tracks from her debut album. That show was filmed and tracks from the gig are being serialised on Kelly’s You Tube Channel, check them out to see the fantastic reaction to Kelly and her music.

Closing 2011, Kelly decided to offer her debut EP for FREE for a time exclusively via her Facebook page, just join the mailing list and it’s yours!

With a solid foundation in R&B/Soul, the diversity of Kelly’s music really shines through, track by track. From R&B to the most delicate of Soul tracks, the quality of the song writing, pop sensibilities and glossy production are all encapsulated by Kelly’s passionate performances and vibrant, friendly personality.

In fact, Kelly’s glossy transatlantic sound is in direct contradiction to her grounded upbringing in Stratford in the East End of London.

With Kelly’s online presence really gathering momentum with over 75,000 fans online and her debut EP causing a stir in 2011, 2012 looks set to be a sterling year for this talented, unsigned starlet.

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