‘Hand on Heart’ review on The Smoking Section

As Hip-Hop and R&B musicians continue to get more comfortable in each others skin, it becomes harder and harder to find the respective genres in their purest forms. Thankfully, separation still exists across the pond as the UK manages to produce one or two new singers each year. Next up to bat is Kelly Erez, a rising starlet with a velvety voice that belies her London roots and is perfect for mid-tempo ballads. Currently unsigned, Kelly has built quite a buzz for herself online, steadily rising up the charts on ReverbNation and  gaining new fans daily through her website.

“Hand On Heart,” like all of her songs, is reminiscent of the music that we heard coming out in the ’90s. Her voice and lyrics are the main attraction, instead of having to be blended into the production, allowing them to connect with listeners on a level that’s not as commonplace these days.

Thanks in part to her rising popularity, Erez was able to fund the production of her debut EP This Is Me through Pledge Music, a site which allows fans to make donations in exchange for exclusive interactions with the artist. The concept may sound familiar because Public Enemy tried something like this with Sellaband.

Kelly Erez’s debut EP This Is Me will release worldwide through all major digital outlets on February 14th, 2011.

Click here to read the article on The Smoking Section website

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