Come To Me Album Review – Reviewed

Kelly Erez – Come To Me (Album Review)
Brilliant debut album from up-and-coming R&B artist, Kelly Erez, points to fruitful future
review by Iain P W Robertson

There is something of a glut of R&B wannabes trying to strut their stuff in the UK at this time. Some of them are blokes and quite a few of them are women. Yet, not all of them can measure up to the original standards of the genre, largely because, in my view, they are manufacturing a sound and not embodying genuine soul in their performances.

I have said it before and, at the risk of repetition, while ITV’s ‘The X-Factor’ has a moderate role to play in providing rubble for the burgeoning pop industry, its insistence on churning out musical stylists creates an impermeable fog of incongruous rot, through which intuitive artists are forced to break their way into the market. It is not easy and is made more difficult by the issues facing the recording industry.

However, Kelly Erez is making that break. Having released an EP last year to considerable accolades from around the industry, she has managed to compile an album of such stellar beauty that I believe she will soon find herself hoisted onto a platform among the true greats of the R&B scene.

Her eleven track album, Come To Me, is a glossy and impeccably produced work that features neat and uncomplicated track titles, such as the opener ‘Letters’, followed by ‘Hand On Heart’, ‘Come To Me’ (the title track) and ‘Xtra’. Not one of them is lacking in any way and Ms Erez’s voice possesses a rich tone and a wide range.

According to her management, Kelly has been collaborating with some of the most established writers in the UK for the past year, most of whom have gained major hits with the likes of Kylie, Celine Dion and Gabrielle, among others. Yet, this debut album is a construct with her sister, Natalie, who was also responsible for the overall production, albeit mixed by Ian Carter, a Mercury Award nominee.

The tracks are delicious. Kelly’s innate soul percolates to the top of each of them and inhabits the core elements of each song. She could so easily have emerged from North America’s heartland of R&B and soul but, no, she hails from Stratford, London, and does her nation proud with her song-writing talents and impeccable delivery.

Kelly is very active on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites. You can Google her for more biographical information and she is not afraid to open her heart to her fans, which are building by the day. It helps that she has the looks to go with that exquisite voice but she does not have to rely on superficialities to make her mark on the music scene. Trust me, you will start to hear a lot more about Kelly Erez, as her career sky-rockets.

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