Come To Me Album Review – Street Voice UK

KELLY EREZ – Come To Me: After blasting out many punk and metal albums over the past few days it made a change sitting down and checking out Kelly Erez’ debut album. This R&B / Soul singer really does know how to deliver the goods.

‘Come To Me’ is an excellent album that leaves me wondering why this lady isn’t more well known. Forget what see you see in the charts and check out this lady as her songs really do blow me away. Tracks such as ‘Letters’, ‘Hand On Heart’, ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘We Got It All’ really did do it for me.

In fact while a friend was sitting here earlier he commented on what an excellent voice Kelly has and I totally agree. Lyrically and musically fans of the more commercial sound will really dig what Kelly Erez has on offer. This album also comes well produced and well packaged. I have no doubt that this album will be in my top 20 of albums released in 2012. 9/10

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